Bus- instructions for a safe journey

With the season in full swing rides, it is essential to the security not lose sight!

Safety regulations and information on transportation passengers, duties of drivers and safety on vehicles.

Clicking on the image you can read in detail a brief handbook, developed by State Police e Unnecessarily.


  1. How is the transport of children on the means used for the bus rental with driver?

According to the Legislative Decree No. 285 of 30/04/1992, issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the short children not more than 1,50 m, when traveling on vehicles used for the chauffeur, they can sit without ' duty belt, if not present, or child seat. They should not, however, occupy the front seat of the vehicle and there must be the presence of an adult at his side.

E 'can read in detail, and technical language the norm (PARAGRAPH 4), by clicking the following link: MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORT.